Guilty Idea Part 1

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Three cute brunettes stroll through the woods together, as episode one of Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian two-parter "Guilty Idea" begins. Girlfriends Tina Kay and Alysia Bounty are arm-in-arm as Katy Rose leads the way; it takes her a moment to notice when they sneak off into the trees for a little private tryst. Kissing passionately, the lovers imagine themselves in bed, hands and lips exploring eagerly. In their romantic liaison, Tina caresses Alysia’s beautiful breasts, pulling off her white lace bra and sucking her chocolate-brown nipples until they are hard as diamonds. Kissing her way up Alysia’s silky thigh, Tina peels down her panties and licks her shaved pussy, spreading her lips like exotic butterfly wings to get to the succulent interior. Alysia fondles Tina’s gorgeous soft breasts as her sweetheart thrusts skilled fingers into her wet pussy, making her writhe with pleasure. Tina turns Alysia over, kissing her sexy ass as she frigs her from behind, giving her an intense orgasm. Now Tina is on the brink herself, lying back so Alysia can lap at her clit and fingerbang her shaved pussy, making her climax breathlessly. They grind together in scissors, trembling and moaning through a powerful simultaneous orgasm before their shared fantasy fades, returning them to their woodland walk.
Apr 23, 1985 Female
Apr 21, 1994 Female